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Beam Clamp TKM -Kroko

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Master-beam clamp TKM "Kroko"

"Does exactly, what it promises to do!"

The revolutionary TKM Kroko beam clip made of steel:

- The 10-second assembly with one hand
- Safe installation and easy disassmebly
- NEW: High loads, even suitable for vertical installation (not VdS and FM conformant)
- No rotation when fitting beam clamps
- TKM-Kroko only bites into the steel beam when hammered
- Screws are not required to attach the beam clips
- Ideal for hanging pipes, window strips and ventilation ducts and for many other tasks
- The threaded rod may be fitted before placing the beam clips!
- Also available in stainless steel!

"We don´t want to do this any more...!"

TKM 1 for M 6 - 8

TKM 2 für M 10

TKM 3 for M 12

TKM 4 für M 16

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